Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Playing Catch Up

I've been working on getting caught up with taking pictures and posting projects. As the last few knitting posts have been about what is waiting to get on the needles, I wanted to post an old FO and some WIPs to demonstrate that I have not only been thinking about knitting but actually doing some as well.

My First Socks

First the FO, the following pic is of the first socks I ever made. I made them last fall. I took at class at a LYS, Ewe Can Knit of downtown Pittsburgh, and learned the Magic Loop method. I heart Magic Loop. I use it for everything from socks to hats to sleeves. It is so nice to be able to use a single needle and not have to switch to dps as you decrease. I can't remember the brand and colorway of the yarn but I know it is a superwash merino.

Monkey Socks

In other sock news, the following is a WIP shot of the Monkey Socks that I am knitting in Plymouth Sockotta. These socks are my "pool project" as they are small, portable and do not interfere with my quest to get a tan. I'm not a big fan of fair isle patterned sock yarns but I loved the greens and blues in this year. I am actually quite pleased with the way the lace pattern of the Monkey socks plays with the fair isle pattern of the yarn. I'm a bit further along than this pic shows and have finished the leg of the first sock.

Tessellating Fish Afghan

Next up, we have the tessellating fish afghan. I love these shiny happy fish with their little smiles and bobble eyes. I'm knitting the afghan in Cascade 220 Superwash. I chose the hot pink, yellow and orange both for their sunny-ness and in an homage to old school granny square afghans. My plan is to make it large enough to cover my full-size bed. I think it will be quite some time before I get there. As the saying goes, that's a hell of a lot of fish to knit...

Green Gable

I am also nearly finished with Green Gable. I have not taken any WIP shots because everytime I have tried it on I have looked like shite. The sweater looks great but I have a tendency to try this one on when I have extreme bedhead or have been out swimming or any other number of reason that makes one look like shite and determine to not have any photographic proof of the situation. I will post some lovely shots of this sweater when it is finished.

Knitterly Improvement

I'm so excited!!!! I've signed up for a steeking class at the LYS Dyed in the Wool. I am intrigued by the idea of steeking and have seen a number of cute projects that involve steeking, including the Deep V Argyle Vest by Eunny Jang, but the idea of attempting steeking without someone showing me how to do it first is way more adventurous than I care to be. I love taking knitting classes. This will be the third class that I've taken, including the aforementioned sock class and an intermediate knitting course also at Ewe Can Knit. I find that I can struggle for hours trying to figure out how to do a particular maneuver (increases for example) that I can pick up easily if I see someone do it in person. Plus, you get to meet other knitters and have a designated time when, no matter what, you must knit because you are taking a class.

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