Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Thank you, No Sheep for You Secret Swap Pal!!!!!!! I was so excited when I got home from work yesterday and saw the package as I opened the door. What a great way to end a Monday!!!

I did a little photoshoot to capture the awesomeness of my package.
First, we have the entire package laid out in all of its glory...

The Ghiardelli chocolates are amazing and they were completely unmelted, so I didn't get any chocolate on the yarn! I also immediately opened the hand lotion and gave it a try. I loved it. It is the perfect size for carrying in my knitting bag.

And now onto the yarn...
The light blue Ingeo Yarn has to be one of the coolest yarns that I have ever seen! It's made entirely out of corn, the kernels not the husk! NSFYSP - I've never been to Iowa to see the corn fields. I love the little tag with a kernel of corn and that it is something that is unique to Iowa. I will definitely be thinking up something super special to knit with the Ingeo. Also, fellow knitters who are intrigued by the yarn made of corn - it is machine washable! The color is a pale sky blue. It photographed much darker than it actually is.
The package also include a lavendar and a cream colored skein of Sugar 'n Creme! I will have to find something fun to knit up using these colors.
I love the knitting themed notecards!!!
I will have to think of a very special place to put of the knitting is knotty sticker!!! I LOVE IT AND THE PIN!!!! (unfortunately, I couldn't get a good pic of the pin.)

This is my first swap and I am so glad that I signed up for it. It is so much fun to shop for presents for your downstream pal and exciting to see the package from your upstream pal waiting for you when you get home.


Knit said...

You are more than welcome! I'm glad you like it all so much :)

jsins said...

I love it! I will get some pics with my new t-shirts up on the site soon as well.