Wednesday, September 12, 2007

In a moment of weakness, I broke.

I've been doing pretty well about not buying yarn but the lure was too great for me today and I bought the yarn for Juliet by Zephyr Style. I was buying something online to complete my first SP11 package that every LYS I went SP shopping in was out of and I gave in to temptation. I don't feel too badly about it because 1. what's done is done and 2. because I was frugal about it and went with the Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky at WEBS that was $4.99 a skein. I went with the grey colorway. I just have a vision of this little cardi in grey with a crisp white shirt. I'm hoping it arrives by next Monday so that I can take Juliet as my travel project when I head to Wisconsin for work. It looks like it is a quick knit that I may be able to finish on the trip. I plan on taking it (if the yarn arrives) and a sock project. If the yarn doesn't arrive, I'm hoping to have finished UnRusted Root and begin Ms. Marigold by then.

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