Monday, August 11, 2008

And the band played on...

Long time, no blog. Well, my knitting seems to be getting back on track. I've had a few fos of late and will be taking pictures and attempting to blog about them and to get my ravelry projects updated throughout the week.

First up, we have Tube Toporini, which made its debut this Saturday evening at the New American Music Union Festival here in Pittsburgh. Tube Toporini was knit in Knitpicks Main Line in the dusty lavendar colorway. This is a fairly quick knit and spent a bit of time languishing while I procrastinated on crocheting the straps and sewing them onto the top.
Next up is the Baby Bib o' Love from Mason Dixon Knitting. I knit this for a co-worker who had his first baby this summer. It was a fairly quick project but I have to admit that I got more than a little bored with it and put it aside for a while. All in all, it probably took 2-3 hours to knit but I have never had the strongest attention span.
I only have time for quick post today but want to leave you with a little puppy love! It's great to be back and to be feelin' the knittin' mojo again.

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