Monday, January 21, 2008

And what did jsins do all weekend? She knit, knit, knit!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent my weekend watching West Wing episodes on dvd and knitting like a knitting machine.

I have an FO from this weekend. Allow me to introduce the cutest little thing that I have ever knit, Saartje's Booties by Saartje de Bruijn.

Project Description

Pattern: Saartje's Booties by Saartje de Bruijn

Yarn: Joan of Arc by Yarn Love in the Fling Colorway (50/50 merino/tencel)

Needles: Size 2 addi turbo

Start/Finish Date: January 20, 2008

Notes: This is a quick knit that is super cute. It's a great way to use up leftover sock yarn. The yarn I used for these booties is the same yarn I used for my Dublin Bay socks. The only downside to this pattern is that for such a small knit, there are alot of ends to weave into not that much knit material.

I also made a bunch of progress on Wicked this weekend and am hoping to have it finished by next weekend. I'm a bit nervous because I am getting dangerously close to running out of yarn. I think that I should have enough but I didn't buy an extra skein like I usually do for this project. I have never needed the extra skein on any other Zephyr Style patterns so I thought I wouldn't need it on this one. The yarn is Cascade 220 Heathers in Ocean Heather. The color in the close-up of the pocket is the actual shade.

I also completed a lace repeat on the Evening Stockings for a Young Lady while I was watching Northanger Abbey on PBS last night. I am a bit worried about the fuzziness of the yarn. It seems like it will pill alot. I enjoyed Northanger Abbey but found it to be extremely abbreviated. The first hour was well done but I felt like everything was rushed in the last half an hour to reach the conclusion. I think it would have been much better if it had been a 2-hour movie rather than an hour and a half.

Have a great week!

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SJ said...

I totally agree with you about "Northanger Abbey." I was excited for it because I don't think I've ever seen a film adaptation of the book, but it did seem extremely rushed. I could understand what was going on because I've read the book, but I'll bet a lot of people who haven't were really confused because so many details were left out. I definitely think any Jane Austen book deserves more than an hour and a half on screen! (Thank goodness they decided to stick with the A&E "Pride and Prejudice" rather than remake it for this series!)

Did you watch "Persuasion" last weekend? What did you think of it?