Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The I'm still kickin' but I've been a slackin' blogger post

Yeah, that post I wrote about dedicating myself to posting at least 2 times a week in November (I think...) was unrealistic due to how crazy the end of the year turned out to be. However, we are now in a new year and I am rededicating myself to be a more prolific and thoughtful blogger.

In my first post of 2008, I wanted to show off a funky little knitting book that I found, Knitted Icons. When I heard about this little gem, I just knew that I had to have it as what knitter's life could be complete without a little knitted rockstar? I am going with my all time personal favorite, Bob Dylan.
In my blogging slackerdom, I have yet to give a proper shout out to my amazing Secret Pal Karen. I had so much fun being spoiled by Karen. I felt like I was getting a package from an old friend each time something arrived. In the final package, I got a lovely bounty of red/rust colored yarn, two great patterns, a little notebook and a bar of soap that I will let you see for yourself.
The Fiber Trend scarf pattern will look amazing in the rust-colored merino bled from Morehause Farm. I'm also looking forward to knitting up the Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille that Karen included in the package as well.
Proving, once again, that she knows me well, Karen included a bar of Queen of Everything soap. This will be placed in a special spot in my bathroom to let everyone who enters know exactly who they are dealing with.
Karen, I cannot thank you enough for how great of a secret pal you have been. I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with you and hearing about your knitting adventures.

To close things out, I will leave you with one of the projects that I have knitted in my blogging absence, Le Slouch made out of Malabrigo worsted in the Damask Rose colorway. I loved this knit. I started it and finished it during a Saturday afternoon.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!! I look forward to knitting and blogging with you.



Bev said...

L-O-V-E le slouch! I'm off to go look it up on Ravelry. You picked a fabulous color as well. That Rose compliments the green top you were wearing for the pic. How much of the skein did you use?

Karen said...

I am so glad you enjoyed all your packages :)!! Love le slouch! Can't wait to see that lace scarf knitted up...you will love the way morehouse merino blocks out!