Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here we go Steelers! Here we go! Pittsburgh's goin' to the...

One game left before I can publish the rest of that thought without fear of retribution by the football gods. C'mon Stillers!!!!

I've been awol for a while but alot has been going on in jsinsland. I've moved into a new apartment that I love. I will post pics as soon as things start to come together in a photo-friendly way. I have lots of household-oriented sewing projects planned. There are lots of curtains to be made to say the least. I have a new couch coming this week so I will have some prime knitting space and the guest bedroom will serve a dual purpose as my sewing room!!! I am so excited to be in my own place. The roomates that I've had over the last few years are great friends and I enjoyed living with them but it is time to branch out on my own! I also have plenty of storage space (5 closets to be exact) in which to keep the stash from cluttering up the entire space.

I have been knitting and sewing over the past several months. I've been catching up on taking pictures of everthing and will break the updates into several posts throughout the week. Today's post will highlight my Steelers-related FOs.

The first are my new tried and tested Steelers socks. I debuted these puppies during the final regular season game against the Cleveland Browns to ensure that they were winners before wearing them for the playoffs. They are now 2-0 and, therefore, a very successful knit.

Here We Go Stillers Socks!

Yarn: Claudia Handpaints Steelers Colorway 2 skeins

Pattern: Judy's Magic Cast-On and Wendy's Generic Toe-Up Sock Pattern

Needles: Size 2 32" Knitpicks fixed circular for sock, Size 10 1/2 Knitpicks Option for binding off

Notes: These socks were knit one at a time using Magic Loop. The knit up quickly when I focused on them. I jumped to a 10 1/2 needle for the bind-off having not gone large enough on my Gryffindor socks, which are manageable but a bit difficult to get on and off.

The second project is a pair of ballband dishcloths that I made for my new apartment called The Steelers are doing my dishes! and The Steelers are doing my dishes Part Deux!

The Steelers are Doing My Dishes!

Yarn: Peaches and Creme Solids 1 skein Yellow and 1 skein Black.

Pattern: Ballband Dishcloth by Peaches and Creme as featured in Mason-Dixon Knitting

Needles: Size 7 straight needles, plastic from my great grandmother's stash

Notes: These knitted up quickly. I was able to get two coordinating ballband dishcloths out of the 2 skeins of Peaches and Creme with a little bit left over. I am using the leftovers to make a striped garter stitch dishcloth. My Steelers earrings are the embellishments in the dishcloth pics, one is a Steelers home helmet and the other is Troy Polamalu.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and wish you a great 2009!


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