Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knitting in a Winter Wonderland

There's something about inclement weather that is so conducive to knitting. I left work a bit early and, after working for a while at home to make up for leaving early, the knitting was on. I popped Across the Universe into the dvd player and picked up the sticks.

First, I got to work on my Evening Stockings for a Young Lady. I had made it through one heel and the gusset on Saturday and had get the second sock caught up so that I could get them both back on the needle and enter the home stretch with them. I'm hoping to put these puppies to bed by the end of this weekend. Then, I will be diving into the sock yarn stash for a yarn for my March socks. I love what I am learning about shaping by knitting socks. I think doing a pair of socks a month this year will greatly improve the look of my other knitted garments as well. I did a slipped stitch heel on these socks instead of the ribbed one called for in the pattern.

Feeling like I needed a change of pace, I moved on to the heartbreakingly cute baby kimono. I have started the increases for the sleeves. I am also hoping to finish this by the end of the weekend. I think this is doable as it is tiny and all garter stitch.

In gift knitting, I finished two more dishcloths. These will go into my gift pile.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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