Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Daze

Does anyone know what happened to the Interweave Knits KAL? I've noticed lately that the page isn't coming up and it has been removed from my blogger dashboard?

In knitting news, I'm plugging away on the Evening Stockings for a Young Lady. I have finished the first heel and gusset and am now working on the second sock. Once the heel and gusset are finished on that sock, I will put the second sock back on the needles and should be able to finish these fairly quickly. I'm hoping to have them completed by the end of next weekend. I'm starting to get more intuitive about knitting socks and modifying a pattern to suit my personal taste. I've made the legs much less high on these than I did on the previous socks I've made to be more in line with the type of socks that I prefer. None of the socks that I wear on a regular basis are as high as most sock patterns call for. The only time I wear higher socks is when I am wearing boots and I don't think I'll be wearing any of my handknit socks hidden under boots anytime soon.

I am also knitting away on the Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono. As this should be a fairly quick knit, I think it will be my February sweater because I haven't made much progress on the puffed sleeve cardi.

We've gotten a heck of alot of snow here in the 'burgh. It's supposed to turn into freezing rain later so I am probably going to head out of work early today.

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Robin said...

We've got LOTS of snow here too. Today it's been going strong for the last three hours. I'm hoping my MBA class is cancelled tonight though because of it (silver lining.)

On the IK-along - it's gone when I click into it from Bloglines. I think it must have been deleted! How disconcerting! A Ravelry related demise, maybe?